About FC Bluestar

A different kind of club...
We’re a kids' club that happens to play football, not a football club that plays kids. We like to win, but not at the expense of our children's happiness, confidence and self-esteem. Our kids are far more important than the results on the pitch.

That's why we don't 'pick' teams - everyone is automatically in a team. And FC Bluestar has no ‘A’ teams. We don’t believe in them. And now The FA agrees with us - they are officially banned nationwide. Our equal teams have an equal chance of winning. Everyone gets equal time on the pitch and takes their equal turn as substitute.

So when we say anyone can join, we really mean it. Regardless of ability. Any club could handpick players with natural ability. It takes a special club to take on any child and turn them into a confident player. FCB is that special club. Our top class coaches can teach any child to play and to reach their maximum sporting potential. All kids become good players. Good players become great players.

Playing our way means that our trophy cabinet is less crowded than those of the kind of clubs that tell 8-year-olds that they're 'not good enough' (meaning they won't be able to help win cups for the adults). This is not an exaggeration - we have taken on players rejected from at least 5 other local clubs.

But our teams do win their fair share and we've had 3 League Championships, six promotions and seven cup wins in the past three years.

Our Six Principles
As founder members of the fantastic Respect League, we helped devise Six Principles that make our set up a place where children can develop and flourish.

1. We play to learn, not just to win.
2. We don't have 'A' teams.
3. Equal pitch time for every child.
4. Every child plays in all positions.
5. We don't shout instructions.
6. Children louder than the adults.

These are explained in more detail here.