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FC Bluestar
  • Open training session this Saturday
    3 Sep 2016
    9-11am at Burnage Rugby Club for all age groups

  • First midweek training sessions
    Tue 6 & Wed 7 Sep at Parrs Wood - check timetable as your age group may have moved Timetable

  • First matches
    Respect League teams kick off on the weekend of Sat 10 / Sun 11 Sep.
    Some older teams kick off on Sat 3 / Sun 4 Sep. Check with your manager

  • Follow us on Twitter
    All the latest news and links @FC_Bluestar

  • Membership renewal
    Last year's memberships and subs will automatically renew - you don't need to do anything. If you haven't got a subscription in place you MUST set one up before the season starts.

  • Subscriptions
    2016-17 subs are £24 per month (£19 for 2nd child; £5 for 3rd child). Usual £40 discount for up front payment. Existing subscriptions renew automatically.

  • Limited supply of 'old' kit
    The existing kit design and supply has come to an end. Tell your manager if you need a spare as they are in short supply. Some teams will be fine this season, others may choose to switch to the new kit.

  • New kit and club shop
    Teams wanting to switch over to the new club kit will be able to purchase it (individually or with a sponsor's help) through our soon to be launched online club shop. Any questions, please email Andrew.